Digital Marketing


Where others perceive content as king, we see it as the kingdom. The right content direct customers and helps satisfy them whenever they are looking for answers about your business. Content enables your business to lead your customers to solutions about their problems.

At umptech, we’re experts in helping businesses like yours establish how to take your online audience from potentials to real buyers.


It is now proven that social media is a viable, efficient and lucrative marketing channels for both B2C and B2B companies be it startups or big brands. Companies are utilizing various social media channels, and it's time your business did the same.


At UMPTECH, we have got a complete understanding that the success of your business in social media needs an in-depth understanding of the needs of your customers and their journey through the ever changing and sophisticated buying cycle. We create highly targeted and high-quality social media content that attracts, engages and converts.

We ensure that your business has and creates a long lasting social relationship with your customer and use it to influence their buying decisions. Our social media marketing experience cuts across all social media platforms.


We take a data-driven approach to fulfill your SEO objectives. We are dedicated to creating and optimizing content that not only performs better on search engines but also guarantees a good user experience and guides the users to conversions based on a user-driven approach.


We’ll help your business increase its sales, search visibility and leads with our integrated approach that includes social media, content marketing, and SEO. We’ll make sure that we put the right content in front of interested customers at the right time and point in their buying cycle.

With our data-driven SEO approach, we’ll help you to encourage your customer to engage with you and guide them through the various stages of the marketing funnel towards conversion.



Are you looking to gain immediate and well-targeted visibility and results for your brand? We usher you to the world of Digital Advertising, and we’re the right partners for your business. We will help your brand reach beyond your current network and tap into new markets.

We’ll achieve this by creating highly targeted ads for your potential customers through search, display, and social media advertising. Our specialists are Google AdWords Certified among other accreditation. We'll promote your business on various digital advertising placement opportunities such as Google networks, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.


The first impression always lasts, and if you want your customers to love your business, at first sight, you will need a well-designed landing page for all your digital media adverts. Once your customers are redirected to your website after clicking an ad, they should be attracted to the extent that they are unable to leave your site without completing your call to action.

We’ll design a landing page that will smite your customers with their first interaction. We’ll design a landing page that will push your visitors to fulfill your call to action and complete the task you have for them be it calling you, clicking the buy button or filling up a form. We’ll ensure that we create an ideal experience for users with fantastic design ideas.

In the event that you are uncertain in respect to what you require we can make proposals and give guidance on what will best suit your necessities.

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